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Heart magic man single


Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. I've heard the promo edit of Heart's "Magic Man" three times on the radio in the last few weeks.

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Drawer LMay 2, Zwolle, The Netherlands EU. LLP7May 3, I wish it were longer than the lp version. Why would anyone want to shorten this song?!?! Aside from recapturing the way one heard it in their youth, I guess. Here's an Australian pressing showing a running time of 2: Now, if you played a 2: ShawnMcCannMay 3, They played the shorter version here in Baton Rouge too.

In fact, they would play the short version during the day and play the full LP version at night. I used to tape songs from the radio by placing a portable tape recorder's built-in mic next to the stereo speaker I was only 10 at the timeand I tried to call the station to play the full version one afternoon - but they played the edited one on me instead.

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My mother decided to get the single for me on her way home from work. They were sold out of the single so she bought the LP instead.

I still have that album. JoelDFMay 3, Strange that they play a shorter version when they do it live.

I've heard the promo edit...

It's not the same without all the guitar licks in there! When we do it in our band, we do the whole shebang. CymbalineMay 3, I assembed a massive 70s hits compilation where I made my own edit of this song using Audacity.

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