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Sexually unfulfilled marriage

Feeling sexually deprived in marriage...

From my own experience, I have become aware that achieving orgasm during intercourse is difficult for many women—and frequently results in disappointment and disillusionment.

Instead of an expression of mutual love, it becomes an act of service or duty for the woman, who afterwards must contain her unrelieved sexual tension. After 27 years of marriage, I am still hoping that my dream of the ultimate orgasm in unison with my partner Sexually unfulfilled marriage intercourse will be realized. Any helpful guidance you have on this topic will be appreciated.

Sexual breakdown in partnerships is...

Since the female organ most often needs direct and Sexually unfulfilled marriage stimulation in order to be brought to orgasm, relatively few women climax during lovemaking. Typically, a woman requires a loving and patient partner who can stimulate her manually, orally or with an adult toy—and keep her stimulated.

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Either that, or she needs an affectionate and caring partner who will hold, kiss and caresses her while she stimulates herself. Sexually unfulfilled marriage your husband to do something about it, either right before or right after lovemaking.

Has your relationship turned cold and distant?

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