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Define sapio sexual orientation

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What does this word even Define sapio sexual orientation The word was first coined in and has been bounced around underhandedly for years, but is now trying to make a lasting comeback like Britney Spears and full on denim. Though the word has yet to be accepted into mainstream language, it has already gained some attention. Here are 15 facts about sapiosexuality:.

Though some would argue it is only to be used by straight couples, in truth sapiosexuality says nothing about gender. So in other words I can be attracted to a smart Becky or scholarly Bill. It is solely your preference. Intellect takes priority over everything else including gender. Sapiosexuality is merely a way to describe how one expresses their sexuality not to define it.

Everybody is turned on by intelligence right? So you want either a level of intellectual equality or his knowledge levels to be a bit higher. So could it be that we are all sapiosexuals? And if so is there really a Define sapio sexual orientation for yet another label? Is it more of a preference or a sexual identity? There are thousands of questions swarming the identity, however many psychologists have come forward and said that sapiosexuality is indeed an identity.

However, there will always be skeptics. So decide for yourself and weigh your options. It is no secret that intellect is sexy. Forget about thick thighs, it's all about a thick mind. The more you have up there, the more stimulating your romantic relationships will be. So one can conclude that the term derived from the visualization of these scenarios.

All sapiosexuals may not find or consider the same things intellectual. People also deem different things as intellectually stimulating. Some do not consider street smarts as intellect, however others may think that street smarts are enough. A sapiosexual may be initially attracted and caught up by your quick wit and cleverness but you have to have substance to keep them. A sapiosexual is turned off by a lack of intelligence.

The turning off is almost Define sapio sexual orientation.

The mind needs to be Define sapio sexual orientation for sexual attraction to be able to persist in a full on relationship. The physical can only keep someone interested for so long. Unfortunately the longer that it is that you are kept by physical attributes, the more shallow you and your relationship become.

Sapiosexuality is definitely more than shallow, looking at lasting features versus things that can fade. However, some sapiosexuals because of this may come off as pretentious. So it can be a bit hard to truly know a sapiosexual and not make rash judgements. Many who have heard of and are familiar with the term, support sapiosexuality.

Sapiosexuality stands firmly against the idea of this hookup culture that millennials and younger seem to be consumed with. With the notion that relationships will be more meaningful because you are searching for long-term characteristics and substance rather than remaining shallow, we can faster weed out the apples who want something real versus the bad seeds.

The more sizeable and profound the reasons you have for keeping something are often the reason it is still working. There are a few ways to find out if you fall under this category. Several websites have tests and quizzes in place for those either questioning their sapiosexuality or wondering if they can even identify as one.

You can find quizzes on Buzzfeed and even ones that may be more personal preference based on O kCupid. The tests are made up of questions that rate your feelings and physical attraction towards a high level of aptitude and intellect Define sapio sexual orientation answering a series of yes or no or strongly agree and disagree questions. The similarities in different tests that can be found show that even though sapiosexuality does in fact differ for Define sapio sexual orientation, people who follow sapiosexuality do share some commonalities.

Which brings me to my next point. Sapiosexuality is left open to interpretation in many different aspects however; there are a few characteristics of the identity that remain the same no matter the person. You might see a hot model standing idly or an older gentleman with thick glasses and an Anne Frank novel in hand.

You would be attracted to the guy holding the book no matter how hot or un-hot they might be and regardless of gender. The sight of the studious act turns you on. Sapiosexuals seek intriguing conversations and are kept engaged by debates. They seek something other than being physically stimulated, they prefer knowing that someone can hold a proper conversation with them and keep them mentally entertained.

Think about it, the ones with brains are usually the most driven, so if I had to bank on someone who knew how Define sapio sexual orientation really drive, it would be the smart guy.

If you would agree with me, you would be correct. Bet you didn't know that before! But I'm sure you put that together when you realized that blind and tiny sperms can travel and seemingly find their way Define sapio sexual orientation in your egg. Researchers from the University of Mexico tested the sperm of men after putting the test subjects through an intense mental test.

The term is now becoming...

Men with higher IQs were found to have the healthiest swimmers. So in other words, the strongest swimmers come from the smartest men. Sapiosexuals are attracted to intelligence because they understand what it really means.

You will never find a sapiosexual making fun of a brainiac because they respect knowledge and those who possess it. Sapiosexuals take pride in their relationship with someone "Define sapio sexual orientation" equal or higher intellect because they know what intelligence is worth.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste and sapiosexuals make it their mission to do exactly the opposite. They love with their minds first and that is the underlying principle.

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