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Over sexualization of things in the media


These images reinforce the value of women and girls solely as sex object or thing and contribute to an environment of power imbalance and gender inequality. This has consequences for all people as we struggle to situate ourselves in the gender roles defined by objectification and sexualization.

Has Social Media Lead to...

Sexualization suffers from multiple — often imprecise — definitions. And, while sexualization can and does happen to people of all genders and ages — it is overwhelmingly targeted towards young women and children.

Turn on the radio, surf social media or catch any of a range of TV shows and commercials and you will see that time and time again, females are portrayed as sexual objects used to sell products.

Social Media and the Sexualization...

These contribute not just to a societal view of women as objects, but are also linked to the three most common mental health challenges women face: While I do agree that without media literacy skills, youth can be the most vulnerable to the sexualized messages in the media, current events have shone a glaring light on how this issue continues to surface at the highest levels of our society such as government.

This part of the project is funded until September and will concentrate on community engagement and public education, as well as seeking out opportunities for policy implementation. I have spent the better part of my career Over sexualization of things in the media this issue and trying to raise consciousness and resilience around it.

We are seeking more opportunities like this to present and build relationships with unlikely allies in the government and business sectors, so if this is something you feel would be of value in your network please reach out and join me in this movement: Lori Boland is the project lead for Culture Shift and can be reached at lboland ywcavan.

I was watching a movie tonight on TV with my family. A commercial for a popular clothing chain came on and it was like, "What is the message here? So I contacted the customer "Over sexualization of things in the media" department and let them know the reason for my concerns Thank you so much for posting this!

I found your article interesting. How many times do we watch television with our children and not think about what is being shown. What kind of message does that send to our children? We see clothes in stores getting shorter and smaller as each year passes.

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