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The stages of getting over a break up


What are the stages of getting over someone? Right after a breakup each person goes through certain stages of recovery in a certain order. If the person managed to go successfully through these stages then he will easily get over his breakup and recover.

If the person got stuck in one of those stages then his recovery from the breakup will be delayed and this is what happens with most people who try to get over someone. In this article i will tell you about the stages of getting over someone and how to not get stuck in any of them. So in order to get through the stages of recovery very fast you need to learn how to not get stuck in stages three and four.

Usually people remain stuck at these stages because of the incorrect actions they do during these stages in addition to the false beliefs they have about breakups. Read my article How to forget someone fast in order to learn how to go through stage three very quickly.

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