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Evolutionist view on homosexuality in japan


Ahead of the International day against homophobia and transphobia on 17 May, we asked our readers what it's like to be LGBT in their country. More than submissions were sent via GuardianWitness from all over the world. From Japan to Russia and Germany to Bangladesh, here are some of the stories we received. A country where the predominant religions say you are a sinner, the law of the land says you are a criminal, the social norms say you are a pervert, the culture considers you as imported; how should life be for LGBTs in Bangladesh?

I call it living in a 'comfortable closet'. Evolutionist view on homosexuality in japan because it is actually 'easy' when it comes 'doing it'; the culture and social norms are so focused on preventing heterosexual acts between unmarried couples that man-to-man or woman-to-woman sexual acts go almost unnoticed.

Even in some more conservative regions homosexual act between teenage boys is seen as the 'safer' way of exploring sexuality; so long they get married at their adulthood, no one cares much. But it's a closet! The moment someone decides to leave that they'll face 'death', they fear. When the country's first magazine on lgbt issues, Roopbaan, was published, so harsh was the reaction from the majority.

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