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Sexual health clinic kogarah


Testing at least once a year helps you keep your health in check. STIs are treatable and your healthcare provider can talk to you about how best to protect yourself and your partners going forward.

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STI testing is easy and most services are free or low cost. For more information on what to expect during a sexual health check-up, click Sexual health clinic kogarah. Finding a place to get tested for STIs is straightforward!

Your local GP, sexual health clinic, or Family Planning clinic are all good places for a sexual health check-up. While STI testing is usually best done in person, there is another option. Once the results are in, you are contacted by the service and referred for treatment if needed. Nationally, there are two private services that provide a range of tests at a cost.

One thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to test in person or online is that a sexual health check-up at your local clinic or GP provides you with the opportunity to discuss your health with someone who can answer any questions you might have, assess your risk, and decide the STI tests that are right for you.

In those instances, it is best to book in with your GP or a clinic.

Below is a list of services in NSW. Click on the links below to find a clinic in your area and get it done.

Kogarah, Short Street Centre Sexual...

Family Planning NSW www. Talkline provides free and confidential information, advice and options across a wide range of reproductive and sexual health issues. The Sexual Health Infolink is a telephone and internet based information and referral service.

RPA Sexual Health Clinic 16...

It is staffed by specialist sexual health nurses. The aim is to promote the sexual health of the NSW community.

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