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Bringing you closer to the most interesting people in the world of malaria. Each week, you'll be able to listen to an exclusive interview with someone making an impact.

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From researchers to entrepreneurs, we believe that everyone's voice should be heard. This is Five Minutes, a podcast by Fight Malaria. Listen in your favorite app Available on 11 platforms. Her journalism has resulted in the Kenyan Health Ministry to recall Duo-Cotecxin, a commonly used antimalarial. Rachel Carson was born in in Springdale, Pennsylvania. Carson was a passionate scientist and ecologist, writing about the environment.

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Her most famous book, Silent Spring, was published in - two years before her death. The book emphasises the need to preserve our world.

It also presented her theory about the environmental consequences of pesticide misuse - particularly DDT, a pesticide used Code sangala wife sexual dysfunction kill mosquitoes. This is Five Minutes. From Genes to Globe. The course is available on the edX platform, is free of charge and lasts around 40 hours.

She also holds an honorary position at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. She also addressed the worrying issue of antimicrobial resistance and discussed new cancer therapies being approved by the NHS. The aim of which is to bring STEM careers alive for children through a series of fun and educational picture books. This is Five Minutes with Katherine Andrews.

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Access to healthcare in some remote parts of Africa can be extremely limited, with the nearest health facility located hours away. But now a London-based international organisation is trying to change that. Transaid is using bikes in remote villages to transport patients to hospitals and health facilities. They've worked with numerous clients in the education and public health sectors over the course of 20 years, creating animations, designing websites and launching quizzes.

I'm keen to know what makes a public health animation effective and, as the NHS introduces an Code sangala wife sexual dysfunction quiz to determine heart age, will such quizzes have a greater role in public health? This is Five Minutes with Sally Edgar. Welcome back to Five Minutes, the podcast series where we speak to the most interesting people in the world of malaria. Margaret Reilly McDonnell, the Executive Director of Nothing But Nets discusses the importance of mosquito nets, the growing issue of insecticide resistance and cuts to foreign aid.

There have been huge societal shifts, with Code sangala wife sexual dysfunction Me Too movement demanding female empowerment, not only in Hollywood on the big screen, but across a variety of careers. Such is true with STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Live from Spain and Scotland, this is Five Minutes. We discuss her recent work in malaria research which has been hailed as a breakthrough.

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