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Validating xml against xsd using java

1) Convert XML to Java...

In this example we are going to validate if the records. The code snippet below will handle the validation process in the following steps. Our validate method start by creating an instance of SchemaFactory.

The next step is to create a Schema object by calling the schemaFactory. The Schema object will allow us the create an instance of javax. Validator by calling the schema.

Validator. A processor that checks...

And finally to validate if the XML is valid we call validator. If the XML is not valid this validate method will throw exceptions. Hi, I get a java. NullPointerException when trying to call validator.

It can not find the resource for the second attempt. To prevent the error make sure you have the. I had also face the same problem too. Can you please explain in more detail how to solve this error? Do you have the root element in your XML file as in the example above?

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