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Air sock homosexual relationships


Rick Brentlinger Answers - Dominique wrote: Getting saved is about repenting of our sins and trusting Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Many people think the way to get saved is, just be a good person. Is being a good person the way to get saved? Some people think that God sends all gays and lesbians to hell.

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Is it true that I will go to hell because I am a lesbian and how can I know for sure? "Air sock homosexual relationships" God has a lot more grace toward gays and lesbians than some Christians give Him credit for.

God saves gay men and lesbians and leads some men to partner together and some lesbians to partner together, just like He saves heteros.

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If you're a gay Christian does God still love you? To have the blessing of God in your life requires an honest heart, honesty before God and with each other and a sincere desire to obey God. That is why God will save everyone who asks Him for salvation. The Links on this page provide helpful answers Air sock homosexual relationships your thoughtful question. God bless you both as you walk the path of His purpose Air sock homosexual relationships your lives.

Malakoi does not mean gay in 1 Cor 6: What is the purpose of committed gay relationships? Did you know that gay marriage is as old as history? Did you know Jesus healed the sick partner of a gay Centurion? Did you know there are some gay couples in the Bible?

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What does God really say about gay relationships? May 31, hi by: Florencia your point is not valid, because the bible clearly condemns homosexuality. And in the same way also the men abandoned the natural use of the woman "Air sock homosexual relationships" burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in Air sock homosexual relationships own persons the due penalty for their error.

Jun 01, Closed minds gather no truth by: Rick Brentlinger Has it ever occurred to you that not everything you think is true? I hope you will be kind enough to yourself to do additional study instead of assuming, without any facts to support your assumption, that what you believe the Bible says about homosexuality is true.

The Romans 1 passage you referenced, in context, has absolutely nothing to do with two men or two women falling in love and serving God together.

What is the meaning of Romans 1? Oct 25, MEAN people nowadays by: Anonymous Mr, you do your thing - don't let anyone stop you God loves you for you and you're right. Commenters above - shut your mouths! You have NO right to say those things.

Please, think about it as if you were that person or someone you love! Dec 05, Anonymous by: Anonymous Actually, as I see it, the bible doesn't condemn homosexuality, but homosexual sex. Sex was created to procreate and if it is not done for this, it is wrong.

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Dec 13, how sad by: Sep 06, IDK Anonymous This is the most disheartening website Ive ever seen. I honestly was searching about Gay Christians out of curiosity of how to handle it at work but with all the people judging people and homosexual lifestylers picking apart the bible and molding it to appease your lifestyle Yes, God IS absolutely "love" and loves all people, adulterers, homosexuals, murderers and so on I'm very disappointed in how our world has become so lost.

Dec 20, You're headed for the lake of fire by: Anonymous All I can say is time will tell and if you are in a same sex relationship you will have your place in the Air sock homosexual relationships of fire I deleted the rest of your hateful comment. Cowards like you who rip verses out of context to condemn AND do not have the courage to put your name with your hateful Comments are just too funny. There is so much hatred and false teaching on the rest of the web already that I rarely allow goofy comments like yours to go live.

Dec 28, we will all be judged on that great day by: Anonymous you all need to stop telling lies. Dec 28, im Air sock homosexual relationships coward by: Dec 28, God does not hate gays by: Dominique Robbins Thank you to all the people that see the bible the way I do. God doesn't hate gays at all. So why do Christians always try to make God seem like this mean and hateful being Only God can judge me and others that are gay and in fact you as well I Air sock homosexual relationships myself and the way God made me.

I am also happy in knowing that I can repent and I have repented and God has forgiven me so why can't you all do the same? Who gave christian the authority to judge and condemn? Why do some christians believe they have more power to judge and condemn than God? Dec 30, Why is this even a discussion? Anonymous This is so sad. God is the only one who can judge anyone. This whole website is an abomination to god.

Everyone on here passing judgement is an abomination to god. I pray for everyone Air sock homosexual relationships find peace. But by bashing this man and his beliefs you are just as bad as the sin you claim he is committing. Feb 12, Jesus saves sinners by: Anonymous God is SO good, and he loves us all. The Bible says that it is God's will that none should perish.

It is God's kindness that leads us to repentancenot the judgement one to another. I do believe in God's laws, but we as humans were never able to fulfill God's laws because we are ALL sinners all have fallen short. Thankfully and joyfully we have Jesus Christ who came to fulfill the law so that all who believe in Him shall not perish. It is by God's spirit in us that we have our minds renewed and change to be more and more like Christ.

I believe that homosexuality is not God's plan or God's best for his people, but if any man believe in Jesus and sincerely accept him into your heart, HE JESUS will change you and make all things new.

This goes for all manner of sin. Allow the Holy Spirit to light the way to greater and greater freedom from sin, and walk in love as we were commanded.

May 09, Love? Tommie I understand where everyone is coming from, however this world doesn't understand what God really is. He is there with us everywhere we go, he can read our thoughts, he can mold our future's however God's love is unconditional. Britain "Dark Ages" all people desired was money and wealth,the majority of people were all dedicated to God.

How could monarchs or even the churches make money? Fear Air sock homosexual relationships led to the ideal that God was an all distraught and Angry Deity. A known fact is that the priests would change words in the bible that would condemn people to hell, i for one do not believe in hell as a "all forgiving" and "all loving" God would NOT condemn us for eternity rotting in Hell for being, well, Human.

Tommie, hell is mentioned 23 times in the New Testament.

Jesus' warnings about hell did not come from priests who changed the Bible. I hope you will read these two pages and trust Jesus as your Savior from hell today. How to get saved. Jesus on hell - what Air sock homosexual relationships Jesus teach? Jun 06, Be careful about judging by: Anonymous How dare someone say if your Gay your not a christian?

If this is this case then any sinner is not a christian. Everyone has their own personal relationship with God. No person on this earth has the divine power to judge anyone.

Remember the bible was created as a guide of Gods plan to the word. Each account in the bible was from a person that God chose to have in his book. In the beginning God's plan was to populate the earth Air sock homosexual relationships is why he wanted man and a woman in that time period.

In any case no other person has the power to judge another person because their secret sins could be fare worst than being Gay. his towels and socks!) or maybe he seems "too" relationship-oriented.

Something about this bothers you. Is he a gay man who plans to marry. neuroscientist/psychiatrist mother analyzing Howard and Raj's friendship as an Air sock homosexual relationships homosexual relationship” on The Big Bang Theory).

As straight men turned to metrosexuality, gay men reacted in the only way they Your sartorial overlords, who would think nothing of wearing a suit to a barbecue – no socks, of course.

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