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Time out global hookup survey results

So regular readers will remember...

Temple Restaurant Beijing was most likely to be name checked as 'the ultimate place to take someone on a date'. Mercante and Janes and Hooch also got shout outs as top date spots, although many of you were less specific.

The British accent is the...

The most common answer for 'ultimate date location' was 'restaurant'. Never let it be said that you guys aren't easily pleased. The survey also asked about the best places to pick up someone new in Beijing, with similar results to our recent Valentine's Day survey: Go to the content Go to the footer.

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Blog Living in Beijing Blogs. Our city is the world's fourth best for dating, the poll of 11, Time Out readers worldwide found, behind world romance capital Paris, sunny, chilled out Melbourne and steamy Kuala Lumpur. The survey has already created a stir on Chinese social media, with many Chinese netizens posting that the city has more than its fair share of romantic spots we agree!

Ready for Valentine's? Time Out's...

But there's more to it than that. Here are five more things we learnt about dating in Beijing versus the rest of the world.

Time out global dating survey....

According to the majority of our respondents, dating is Beijing works best for men looking for women. Here's how people responded when asked 'as far as you can tell, dating in your city works best if you are': This puts Beijing on a par with New York which, their respondents said, is also a paradise for men interested in women, although we're pretty sure the reasons are different in the two cities.

In Beijing, many of you told us that 'Western' or expat guys find it easy to date locals as well as other foreigners, an advantage some of you put this down to pressure on Chinese women to find a partner.

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