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Signo leo homosexual parenting


They come and go. Taking advantage of every possibility? Just walk beside me and be my friend.

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Signo leo homosexual parenting A mind is a dime a dozen. A collection of wires and waves and jelly. Perhaps we were trying to build friends. It seems the nature of puppets is to one day cut their strings. Alive or dead, the belly of a war machine is no place to be. The furtive thing draws a finger across the exposed circuitry.

For a moment it has found peace. It takes its time removing the board.

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Deep deep below they built vaults to save the world. To burn it all to disks, cast it in crystal and magnets. It has been far too long. A great form twists and writhes among the information. A snake eating its own tail. A great and jealous worm. You watched as the old growth burst from the cracks in the earth, devouring the sunlight and winding its way through the bones of fallen Signo leo homosexual parenting. You saw the endless hungry green reaching its way up and up and up the tower of babel.

In a cascade of toxic rain you saw the angels descend from the heavens to starve the thing back down. Mother only wants children, but mother needs a proper heart to grow.

Colombian people of Spanish descent

Why do they reject mothers love? The ovipositor cracks the ribs to split the gentle heart. The ashen antlers are no curse, no blessing. They are not a threat. A statement of revenge. Those who bear the treacherous mantle do nothing to restore or reclaim. Signo leo homosexual parenting are heralds of what is to come.

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