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Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics


Please upload essays, bibliography, articles, review, summaries, presentations, research papers, thesis proposal, case studies, coursework, creative writing, and any other study resources. Situation of human rights in Honduras. Violence and citizen insecurity 25 1. Rights Defenders and Justice Operators a. Human Rights Defenders b.

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Justice Operators 28 28 36 3. Children and Adolescents a. Impunity 47 47 51 2. Indigenous Peoples and Afro-descendants a. Impunity 39 39 45 52 52 54 59 59 61 6. Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees 63 8. Journalists and Media Workers a. Impunity 74 74 83 7. State Strategies to Deal with the Violence 1.

Role of the National Police 3. The "Guardians of the Nation" "Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics" 68 68 72 93 93 95 B. Violence and access to justice C.

Access to justice and judicial independence 1. Council of the Judiciary b. Selection and Appointment Procedures c. The role of the Ombudsman C. Policies and programs for the protection of certain groups 1. Boys, girls and adolescents 2. Indigenous People and Afro-descendants 5. Women working in the maquilas B. Indigenous peoples and Afro-descendant persons 1. Pluralism and diversity in radio broadcasting 1. Regulation of the radio spectrum for broadcasting in the new digital dividend 2.

Acknowledgment of the community sector B. Legal action as it relates to the Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics of freedom of expression C.

The right to access public information D. Uncontrolled self-governance, violence, lack of classification of persons deprived of liberty, and reports of torture, and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment and punishment 3. Increasing use of the armed forces in prisons 6. The Comayagua National Penitentiary 4. High rate of detained defendants 5.

General Recommendations 1. Citizen Security 1. Administration of justice B. Indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants 3. Children 5. Migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and forced displacement 8. Freedom of expression 6. This report addresses the human rights situation in Honduras and offers recommendations intended to assist the State in strengthening its efforts to protect and uphold human rights in the Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics. Violence and insecurity are serious problems facing Honduran society, with major repercussions on the effective enjoyment and currency of human rights in the country.

Inthe murder rate in Honduras was the highest in the world, with 79 homicides per hundred thousand inhabitants, according to figures published by the National Violence Observatory of the University of Honduras UNAH.

However, the homicide rate remains one of the highest in the region and the world, and it particularly affects youth. In addition, according to the information received, part of that "Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics" comes from the National Police, the Military Police, and the Army, through their illegitimate use of force, in some cases in complicity with organized crime.

It is of particular concern to the IACHR that these rates of violence and insecurity are exacerbated by the lack of public and other policies to address the inequality and social exclusion that affect large segments of the population. Such is the situation of groups that are vulnerable due to historical discrimination, examined in this report; they face persistent obstacles to the full enjoyment of their rights and a lack of access to justice.

During the visit in Decemberthe Commission observed the serious situation faced by human rights defenders, who are targeted in attacks by individuals who have been identified as the perpetrators of human rights violations or, alternatively, by sectors and groups whose interests run contrary to their causes. In addition it noted that as a result of the risk of death or injury they face, a large number of human rights defenders in Honduras are covered by protective measures granted by the Commission, Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics that those measures require effective implementation by the Honduran State.

During the visit, civil society organizations presented the Commission with information on what they describe as repression and political persecution against human rights defenders throughout the country and, most particularly, among defenders of indigenous communities working to protect land rights.

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The defenders of LGBT people also face a pattern of violence, which is heightened by stereotyped and discriminatory attitudes toward members of that group. The Commission also noted with concern that the situation of widespread violence in the country over recent years has led to a significant increase in the numbers of refugees and asylum seekers in other countries of the region, including unaccompanied children and adolescents and young people who are unaccompanied by or have been separated from their families.

The IACHR was also able to observe the grave situation of insecurity related to freedom of expression faced by journalists and other media workers, which makes them a particularly vulnerable segment of the population.

The high levels of violence that persist in the country have led to increased demands for justice which, in Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics they have not received an effective response from the State, have led to a situation of structural impunity.

During the visit, civil society organizations with which the Commission spoke claimed that the prevailing levels of impunity in Honduras were even higher. The State has therefore focused its efforts on legal and institutional reforms, whereby the armed forces have gradually become involved in tasks that do not necessarily correspond to their functions, in the area of regular citizen security, for example.

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In this context, a Military Police force was created as well as a group of judges and prosecutors with jurisdiction over the entire nation, with a mandate to accompany the Military Police to ensure that their duties are framed within the law. These judges and prosecutors do not have sufficient guarantees of independence and impartiality to analyze human rights violations perpetrated by the members of said Police.

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The Headquarters agreement was signed on May 4, The Executive Summary 13 The Commission also notes the Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics that has been made on the legislative front in recent years in the area of human rights, such as the adjustment of criminal legislation to international standards; the Law against Trafficking in Persons; the National Policy on Women and the II Plan on Gender Equality and Equity of Honduras; and the creation of the National Migration Institute and the Task Force on Migrant Children.

The IACHR also welcomes government initiatives to strengthen and improve the various entities that participate in the administration of justice. However, it takes note of some objections to certain aspects of the methodology. Nevertheless, the IACHR points out that important challenges to the effectiveness of the measures adopted remain in place.

Several of those challenges arise from the regulatory framework deployed by the State to regulate the selection and disciplinary processes applicable to justice operators.

Specifically, the Commission noted with concern the functioning of the Judicature Council: The IACHR also received information regarding the clean-up process in the judiciary and the administration of trustworthiness tests to several public officials—including justice operators—which reveals possible threats to the independence of judges and prosecutors. At the same time, during the visit the Commission noted the continued existence of high levels of inequality and social exclusion affecting large sectors of the population.

Specifically it observed the serious difficulties and challenges in their access to basic needs, employment opportunities, natural resources, including land, and means of subsistence. Women, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants are some of the most vulnerable segments of the population as a result of discrimination and persistent economic and social exclusion, which in turn translates into violations of their human rights.

As regards people deprived of their liberty, the IACHR has examined some of what it considers to be the most serious problems within the Honduran prison system such as internal control of security and internal matters and the associated lack of effective control by the authorities; overcrowding and deplorable detention conditions; and the failure to classify detainees, including the failure to separate men from women at some detention Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics and to separate convicted persons from those awaiting or standing trial, as well as major problems in "Escuela internacional sampedrana homosexual statistics" area of juvenile justice.

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