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Coptic orthodox and homosexuality


On environmentalism and homosexuality, Orthodox Christians are largely united in their views. And the vast majority of Orthodox Christians say homosexuality should be discouraged by society, though those in Greece and the U.

On other issues, Orthodox Christians are divided. When it comes to whether abortion should be legal, for instance, there are Coptic orthodox and homosexuality views in many countries surveyed, with those in former Soviet republics expressing more opposition to legal abortion than those elsewhere.

Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia are especially conservative on social issues. In answers to a series of questions on the morality of specific behaviors, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians are more likely than Orthodox Christians in most other countries surveyed to express moral opposition to abortion, divorce and drinking alcohol.

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While not all questions asked of Orthodox Christians in Central and Eastern Europe where the vast majority of Orthodox Christians live were also asked of their co-religionists in the U. Coptic orthodox and homosexuality vast majority of Orthodox Christians across Eastern Europe say homosexuality should not be accepted by society. Overall, Orthodox Christians in former Soviet republics are less accepting of homosexuality than are those elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

Similarly, very few Orthodox Christians in Eastern Europe say same-sex marriage should be legal.

Same-sex marriage is not currently legal in any Eastern European country although Greece and Estonia allow same-sex domestic partnerships or civil unionsand no Orthodox church sanctions same-sex weddings.

The United States, however, allows same-sex marriage nationwide.

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