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British muslims homosexuality statistics


Until recently, we could safely assume that any poll that was about British Muslims should come with a health warning: The survey showed that British Muslims have ordinary and diverse views on everyday life and concerns much like the rest of the population. Many of the previous commercial polls about British Muslims, like this ICM survey for Channel 4 or this Survation survey for the Sunhave used problematic sampling techniques.

We are also rarely given the opportunity to find out whether the views of British Muslims in these polls are aligned with, or representative of, the general population because control groups are often missing. This means there are few benchmark comparisons with the rest of the population let alone other faith groupswhich only serves to exaggerate any conservative views of British Muslims.

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One prominent example of this lies in British Muslim attitudes towards homosexuality or same sex relationships. Few surveys, however, compare them to other faith groups in Britain, and highlight, for example, how a third of Anglicans and other Christians also hold similar views towards same sex relationships.

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There is also little transparency about the questions asked in these surveys in relation to British Muslims, despite the British muslims homosexuality statistics that how you ask a question e. Countless polls have claimed to be reflecting the views of British Muslims on everyday concerns, yet a disproportionate number of questions will cover their views on 7th Century Islamic scripture, including polygamy and stoning of adulterers, as though these issues are pertinent to the lives of British Muslims in Britain.

Very few surveys will note that British Muslims have secular and political priorities similar to their non-Muslim British peers, with the top three most important issues facing the country still being NHS, unemployment and immigration.

But until now, British muslims homosexuality statistics little of these findings have come through. She tweets at zubhaque.

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News The Essential Daily Briefing. Check the URL for errors or try our searching inews. Zubaida Haque 8 months Tuesday April 3rd Irish MP holds up thong in Parliament over acquitted rape charge.

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Brexit backing ministers join forces to push May to change Brexit deal. Comparing with other faith groups One prominent example of this lies in British Muslim attitudes towards homosexuality or same sex relationships.

One prominent example of this...

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