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This is the second in a three-part series to be published on Rhizome. The first part, exploring the history of the emoticon, can be found here. The final installment forthcoming Ascii naked girl explore the history of the emoji.

Following in the footsteps of Baudelaire—and paving the way for the Surrealists and the French New Wave—early 20th-century artist Guillaume Apollinaire cultivated a cerebral taste for the most sensational elements of modern life. You read handbills, catalogues, posters that shout out loud: For obvious reasons, the calligrammes are notoriously hard to translate, but to give you some idea: In "Il Pleut," Apollinaire rendered the rain as cascading letters, suggesting the interplay of natural phenomena with his beloved billboards and street signs.

Glossing Calligrammes in a letter to a friend, Apollinaire wrote that they were "typographic precision made in a period when typography is winding up its career brilliantly, at the dawn of the new means of representation, cinema and the phonograph. Handbills, catalogues, posters that shout, and posters that "squawk like parrots" all betray a modern impulse that found its fullest expression in the full-page Sunday comics, which freely layered text and image while juggling—whoosh!

Early picture shows—nephews of the Sunday comics—employed narrators who stood in front of the screen and talked to the audience, explaining what was going on or making jokes. The movie theater was marketed as an oasis from the chaos of urban life, but as screens got cheaper and more portable, moving pictures took their Ascii naked girl place in the city, which was everywhere.

People could offer explanations or crack jokes themselves. Developed and codified in the early s through an obscure and prolonged collaboration between corporate technologists and government bureaucrats, ASCII pronounced "ass-key" is based on the English alphabet, and comprises the characters we now recognize from Ascii naked girl computer keyboards.

I was browsing around some...

The emoticon is an early, and relatively simple, example. Home to a natural, nearly-inevitable democratic virtue, it would be a place where your identity could merge with the crowd, and even be shed entirely; and a super-speed air-tram could transport you from uptown to down in the amount of time it takes to register for a gonzo pornography subscription service.

The purportedly first version of "Spying at the Wall" was composed of Ascii naked girl underscores, an "m," another underscore, two "o"s, another underscore, another "m," and two more underscores. It conjures a little peeping Tom, wide-eyed, hands Ascii naked girl a rapt but inscrutable gaze traveling endlessly through a burgeoning World Wide Web, peering over "the wall":. ASCII art techniques developed quickly.

ascii pr0n archive. couple...

Developments in the genre can be understood by comparing this simpler, presumably earlier, butterfly:. In the above image, the wall serves little purpose, except to tell us that the butterfly is in repose, not flight.

A large collection of ASCII...

The idea of 'spying' remains visually underdeveloped. ASCII artists took the form in many different directions, but the most common model they claimed for themselves was the graffiti artist. The most common graphical interfaces for the Internet are called "Web browsers. The first commercial Web Ascii naked girl, Mosaic, was released in The first video live-streamed on the Web was a June 24, performance by SoCal garage rock group Severe Tire Damage, whose bassist at the time was the chief scientist at Xerox, a company in the middle of developing live-streaming software.

The following years saw several different companies—Windows, Apple, and RealNetworks, mostly—frantically trying to codify Internet video and image formatting.

These years saw two other, related developments: Art collective JODI, for instance, made websites that would pop open so many windows that browsers would malfunction and close down.

Throughout the 90s, net. With selections from Eisenstein, Hitchcock, and Antonioni, the series climaxes with Cosic's most brilliant choice. Nowhere Ascii naked girl in Cosic's work is his representational mode so perfectly at odds with the aim of the original work. And it was eerily apposite for Cosic to finish his series by transforming an early representation of an act whose depiction would become central to so much of our Internet culture.

It might be nice to consider Dick Higgins' book Pattern Poetry for some more deep historical references. Visual Poetry, The 90s.