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Abdal hakim murad homosexuality in christianity


On Thursday 2nd Maythe UK newspaper, the Daily Mail published an article attacking our brother, and esteemed scholar, Abdul-Hakim Murad for a recently available internet video expressing Islamic theological opinions on homosexuality given in a lecture that was 17 years ago.

Of course we know why, free society is not actually free, but merely comprised of a different set of taboos from other kinds of society. Even the classical Liberal philosopher, John Stuart Mill, understood that censorship and oppression that occurs from society is worse than that which occurs due to government. Depriving someone of their livelihood, and attacking their reputation in society are just as effective in suppressing dissenting ideas, than locking people up:.

Websites can be taken down by servers due to pressure from governments. People who go out and shout illiberal opinions in the streets can be arrested for causing a disruption of the public peace. In fact, merely expressing an opinion on facebook is also punished! It is interesting to note, that no one in the U. As we have seen, Liberalism has a variety of tools it can use to suppress dissent, and impose its opinions.

Generally, in large urban societies it tolerates small and unimportant Abdal hakim murad homosexuality in christianity, but only because they are small and would not be able to access to mass media — effectively, Liberalism tolerates you until you are heard. However, the function of the law and social stigma has not changed, merely the morals.

Morality is still used to determine law and where social stigma should be applied, however Liberal morality is not neutral — it has a distinct and specific criteria Abdal hakim murad homosexuality in christianity judge right from wrong — secular humanism.

For Muslims generally, as for...

Under Secular Humanism, all morals are determined according to the criteria of individualism and materialism. And when it comes to rooting out these unforgivable sins, the Liberal media could give lynch mobs and the Spanish inquisition a few pointers about generating public outrage.

Although some may say that the cases of Liberal intolerance are exceptions to the rule, in the debate many cases were cited showing Liberal intolerance to religion — cases which were upheld by the European Court of Human Rights itself. The frequency of the exceptions have disproved the rule.

This note is an explanation of my position, since every Muslim has the right to know. I begin by apologising to Muslims for having placed us once again in the tabloid firing-line, and given ammunition to the anti-Islamic BNP and the EDL.

I have stated publicly that I withdraw the comments I made in the first clip, which was recorded at a small Rihla in The clip was uploaded by IslamOnDemand three days ago as part of their policy of making some of their old material available to the Umma. I was not consulted about the release of this material. However I am not holding the brother responsible; in fact he is a faithful revert servant of the scholars.

However the clip caused consternation when somehow it Abdal hakim murad homosexuality in christianity forwarded to students at my college in Cambridge, and they lodged a complaint.

Abdal Hakim Murad: For Muslims,...

When I looked at the clip I saw a young man ranting. It was probably the worst thing I have ever done, tricked out with dubious science and many errors, and presented in a very aggressive style which is alien to the manner I now use. My views, knowledge and style have mutated in 17 years.

I believe — and Allah is my witness — that I was right, in Sharia, and considering the maslaha of the Muslims, to dissociate myself from the lecture and to apologise. Those who say I should not have apologised should ask why we should gratuitously offend others, whoever they are.

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