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Crazy coachella hookup stories

So, I asked around and...

Please use the "report" link on posts, or message the mods. Any of you have crazy Coachella hookup stories?

Offical Threads

Willing to share anonymously or not for my blog? Wanting to put it up at Tankchella. Also, if you're not willing to share on my blog but still want to share, by all means comment and just note for me not to take it.

I hooked up with an Australian chick. She was hot as hell.

Festival attendees reveal what really...

She then stayed my place for a couple weeks before I went back to Australia. I went to go visit her and she didn't pick me up from the airport.

Most relevant

It was pretty sad. Nothing crazy just the usual finger blasting and getting a handy. That's pretty tame compared to most I imagine.

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