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Religious views on homosexual marriage


According to a Vote Compass survey released last year68 per cent of young Australians support same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, 30 per cent of Catholics and 48 per cent of Protestants oppose marriage equality. So how do young Christians approach the issue today, as the postal survey looms near?

One year-old practising Catholic, Miriam Makowiecki, tells SBS that Religious views on homosexual marriage is concerned about the future of Australia should same-sex marriage be legalised.

Should same-sex marriage be legalised, Makowiecki says she will be "disappointed because it means people have not grasped what is at stake.

Abbott warns of 'moral bullying' ahead of same-sex marriage postal vote Former prime minister Tony Abbott says some same-sex marriage advocates have attempted to set a disappointing tone to the debate.

Australia does not yet recognise...

The same-sex marriage debate poses a very difficult moral dilemma for many other young practising Christians. Although Zong would vote against the same-sex marriage postal plebiscite, he is somewhat torn between his faith and feelings. Many young Christians are confronted with conflicting feelings and faith towards same-sex marriage, but are often able to agree on one thing: It seems as though these messages may have been lost by some members of Religious views on homosexual marriage community.

Catherine says her Christian secondary school framed homosexuality derogatorily. There needs to be a conversation shift. Social conservatism among many ethnic communities will be a key factor in deciding the result of the upcoming same-sex marriage survey.

Although some young Christians are firmly against the idea of same-sex marriage, the issue is a complex one, and for many reveals a moral conflict between their faith and their feelings. Talk of same-sex marriage impinging on religious freedom is misconceived. This is despite the long history of past discrimination against gays and lesbians, including criminalisation of male homosexuality and the ineligibility of same-sex couples for many federal government entitlements.

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