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Bodhisattva buddhism definition of sexual misconduct


We mainly looked onto the ethics from the point of view of the Vinaya, and we only slightly touched the ethics from the Vajrayana point of view. This rare Sutra, ancient but timely, has long been treated with circumspection because of its liberal attitude toward sexuality and other ethical concerns.

In the Buddha's first discourse,...

One of the original statements of the early Mahayana school, it is here collated from Chinese and Tibetan translations, and from passages that remain in the original Sanskrit. Originally part of a larger sutra on the six perfections that included the well-known Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, the Skill in Means Sutra explicates the other five perfections of the Bodhisattva. The translator has traced its source to verses of the Ratnagunasamcaya-gatha that have no counterpart in the Perfection of Wisdom.

The Bodhisattva and Sexuality: The...

Then the master Ananda said to the Lord: Therefore I relate this to the Lord, with friendliness and the intention of avoiding an act of transgression. Then the Bodhisattva King at the Head of Masses levitated and sat in the atmosphere before the Lord at seven times the height of a palm tree. Addressing master Ananda, he said: Can someone sit in the atmosphere while possessed of a subject of transgression?

The Bodhisattva King at the Head of the Masses asked again: May it please the Lord to accept as an offense the offense I have confessed as an offense. The Lord replied to master Ananda: Ananda, this is how you should understand it: A person of the vehicle of the auditors, in order to be absolutely peerless in maintaining meditative calm, will seek uninterruptedly to exhaust the outflows. In the same way, Ananda, the Bodhisattva great hero who is skilled in means, who is endowed with the thought of omniscience, will seek uninterruptedly for omniscience, even to the point of abiding among a holy retinue of women and enjoying, playing with, and taking pleasure in it.

Ananda, the Bodhisattva great hero who is skilled in Bodhisattva buddhism definition of sexual misconduct takes a retinue only to introduce it to the three jewels—the jewel of the Buddha, the jewel of the doctrine and the jewel of the community—and to supreme, right and full awakening.

That woman, Ananda, had been the wife of Bodhisattva King at the Head of the Masses for the past five hundred lives. Because of that clumsiness ayonisa in the past, her thoughts clung to that Bodhisattva buddhism definition of sexual misconduct of the family. On the other band, she perceived the splendor and majesty generated by the power of his past morality of the Bodhisattva King at the Head of the Masses.

She found herself incapable of uttering the words that would take her to sic a lower rebirth. He let the night pass and in the morning put on his under and outer robes, took his bowl and went for alms to the great city of Sravasti.

Wandering through the great city of Sravasti for alms, he came to the house of that sister. He took that sister by the right hand, and they sat down on a couch. As soon as they had been seated, he spoke this stanza:. The Buddha does not praise desire; That is the range of the foolish. Eliminate craving for sense-objects, And become the best of humanity—a Buddha.

The offensive thought I was thinking, I hereby confess to you; For the welfare of all living creatures, I generate the wish for awakening. Then he rose from the couch and departed. Ananda, I make this prediction in regard to that sister: Then the Bodhisattva King at the Head of the Masses descended from the atmosphere.

He made a prostration to the Lord, and said:. Venerable Lord, this is how I think of it:. The Bodhisattva will Bodhisattva buddhism definition of sexual misconduct the transgression—and the suffering of hell-enthusiastically, O Venerable Lord, rather than relinquish the store of merit of a single sentient being. With such great compassion, a Bodhisattva avoids any transgression; he possesses no subject of transgression.

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