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Planet aid scam


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Chat with real KC Planet aid scam today. You won't regret it until you do. Planet Aid is a scam, don't donate clothes or anything else to them self. I am not sure how many of their yellow "donation" bins are here in KC, but I see them all over Johnson County. Don't donate anything to them, they sell the donated goods instead of giving them to needy people.

Hardly any of "Planet aid scam" money or goods they collect go to help people, they pocket as much of the money as they can. There's also other weirdness involving this organization -- former employees describe it as "cult-like", and one of the top leaders Mogens Amdi Petersen is a fugitive from Interpol, currently hiding out in Mexico.

Planet Aid's Recycling Program, Debunked!

There are plenty of legitimate charities in and around KC that need donations! I think that the planetaid bins are great. I did some work around the house and found that disposing of carpet was a pain. So I cut it in strips and put it in a planetaid bin. Same thing with roofing shingles. I will take one white sleeveless pink DARE shirt, please! I have a yellow Rick BenBen that even "Planet aid scam" has the rubberband tied at the back!!

Most of the clothing donations other than the big guys, in general, go to an industry called 'rags. They ship out of Houston's port mostly and have temporary warehouses there. End buyers in the aforementioned countries.

I dealt with these 'rag' companies for years as a credit analyst.

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