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Haverton college


All students of the college are undergraduates and nearly all reside on campus. The college was founded in by area members Haverton college the Orthodox Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Quakers to ensure an education grounded in Quaker values for young Quaker men. Although the college no longer has a formal religious affiliation, Quaker philosophy still influences campus life.

Originally an all-male institution, Haverford began admitting female transfer students in the s and became fully co-educational in Currently, more than half of Haverford's Haverton college are women. For most of the 20th century, Haverford's total enrollment was kept belowbut the school went through two periods of expansion during and after the s, and its enrollment, as ofis 1, students.

Today Haverford offers its students a wide range of educational choices and considerable flexibility in choosing their areas of study or Haverton college. The college offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 31 majors across humanitiessocial sciences and natural sciences.

It is also a "Haverton college" of the Quaker Consortium which allows students to cross-register at the University of Pennsylvania. Inthe students and faculty of Haverford voted to adopt an Honor Code to govern academic affairs. Take-home examinations are also common at Haverford.

Haverford is a highly rated...

These exams may include strict instructions such as time limits, prohibitions on using assigned texts or personal notes, and calculator usage. All students are bound to follow these instructions by the Code. Originally conceived as a code of academic honesty, the Honor Code had expanded Haverton college the s to govern social interactions. The code does not list specific rules of behavior, but rather emphasizes a philosophy of mutual trust, concern and respect, as well as genuine engagement, that students are expected to follow.

When a student or other community member feels that another has broken the Code, he or she is encouraged not "Haverton college" look the other way but rather to confront the possible offender and engage in a dialogue with him or her, before taking matters to an Honor Council which can Haverton college mediate the dispute.

Student government officers administer the Code, and all academic matters are heard by student juries. More severe matters are addressed by administrators. Abstracts from cases heard by students and joint administrative-student panels are Haverton college to all students by several means, including as print-outs in mailboxes.

The trial abstracts are made anonymous by the use of pseudonyms who are often characters from entertainment or Haverton college. Every student is required to sign a pledge agreeing to the Honor Code prior to matriculation. The Haverford Honor Code is entirely student-run. The Code originated with a body of students who felt it necessary, and current Haverford students administer and amend it every year.

Haverford offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 31 majors across humanitiessocial sciences and natural sciences.

In addition to majors and minors, Haverford offers concentrations in Africana studiesbiochemistrybiophysicscomputer scienceEast Asian studieseducationfeminist and gender studieshealth and society, Latin American and Haverton college studiesmathematical economicsneural and behavioral sciencesand peace, justice, and human rights. Music students enjoy close proximity to Philadelphia 's music tradition: Haverford's consortium relationship with Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, and the University of Pennsylvania the Quaker Consortium greatly expands its course offerings.

Haverford and Bryn Mawr have a particularly close relationship the Bi-College Consortiumwith over 2, students cross-registering between the two schools. The campuses are only 1 mile apart and a shuttle called the Blue Haverton college runs frequently back and forth.

Students can major in these departments from both colleges. News deemed Haverford's admissions "most selective," with the class of acceptance rate being The median SAT scores were for critical reasoning and for math. The median ACT composite score was Haverford is tied for 11th among liberal arts colleges in the ranking by U. The National Science Foundation ranks Haverford 7 among liberal arts colleges, and 13 among all colleges and universities in the United States, for producing the Haverton college number of science and engineering students to pursue PhDs per capita.