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Phenomenon john travolta full movie


In the film, an amiable, small-town everyman is inexplicably transformed into a genius with telekinetic powers. The original music score was composed by Thomas Newman. George Malley is a kind but average auto mechanic in a small town in Northern California. While celebrating his 37th birthday at a local bar with his best friend, Nate, and father figure, Doc Brunder, he steps outside while drunk. A ball of shining bright white lights moves around in the sky, grows closer and hits him in the head, making a loud sound and knocking him down.

When he comes to and re-enters the bar, he learns that nobody else saw the lights nor Phenomenon john travolta full movie they hear the sound. Doc notices something is amiss when George quickly achieves a checkmate in their chess game.

George begins to exhibit remarkable levels of intelligence. He easily absorbs vast amounts of information, formulates new, revolutionary ideas, as well as developing psychokinesis. Not needing sleep, he spends each night reading multiple books.

Phenomenon is a American romantic...

George tries to use his new intelligence for the good of his community. He correctly predicts an earthquake without any equipment. When Doc is called to aid a sick Portuguese man, George learns the language in minutes and helps translate. He then uses his telekinesis to rescue the man's young relative. Visiting Nate, George decodes and responds to a Phenomenon john travolta full movie on Nate's shortwave radio, though Nate asks him to forget about it out of fear Phenomenon john travolta full movie they might be picking up information from a nearby air force base.

During this time of upheaval the townsfolk become wary, but George finds support from Doc, Nate and from a growing relationship with a single mother, Lace, and her children, Al and Glory. George also sets a plan in place to help Nate get together with the mother of the Portuguese boy he rescued. George invites Lace to join him on a trip to UC Berkeley to meet with seismologist Professor Ringold about George's earthquake prediction.

He breaks more codes, then astounds Dr.

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