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Yes ER or Doctor Visit? Pain and stiffness in left arm and shoulder.

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Has persisted without any relief to this point. Treatments include X-ray, oral corticosteroids, massage, chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, MRI. After recieved vaccination within three minutes, patient complained of itching and tingling throughout body, followed by tightening of the throat one minute later.

Hives noted to develop to upper extremities and the trunk of the body. EMS was notified and arrived within ten minutes and transported patient to hospital.

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NKDA No reported medical conditions. Vital Signs are as follows: No ER or Doctor Visit? Not known Preexisting Conditions: Also had pain and numbness spreading to the left leg and part of right leg.

Diagnosed with Menactra induced Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. Expired drug administeredNo adverse event SMQs: None listed Current Illness: No, patient didn''t state feeling ill Preexisting Conditions: Not neccesary at this point, patient will get re-immunized with the appropriate shot. At this point, it may not be effective, so we have to re-immunize.

Clinical Supervisor also reported the event to Sanofi, they instructed to re-immunize the patient. Patient didn''t exhibit signs of not feeling well.

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