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Igotawoody bird toys


Nothing like a snow day to get in some extra snuggle time with your little loves! I hope everybody is staying safe and warm.

Lola and Igotawoody bird toys are taking today to get in lots of quality time. I also thought it would be nice to make some time for the blog! She and I both approve. I know so many people that say their birds never go in the lower half of the cage or favor certain spots.

You can help encourage them to be more active and utilize their space by making sure they get rewarded when they do! So she makes sure to wander over and check them both out regularly. Yes, I may have hoarded a few of them over the years. Igotawoody bird toys towards the left, there are two stainless steel ring bowl holders the cage is empty right now because I was changing water and cleaning, etc.

Lola loves this perch.

Lola and Sabrina Got a...

The sides are totally torn up as she makes her way through it. I like to stuff treats Igotawoody bird toys even veggies in the foraging holes. Try threading a whole skinny carrot or even a leafy green broccolini can work nicely through them. Hanging above it in the back is a garland toy packed with fantastic parts from I Got a Woody.

Like I said above, normally there would be an acrylic foraging toy in the center back, but I pulled it out to give it a good wash. And finally, bringing Igotawoody bird toys to our last view, the right side. It was actually supposed to be a holiday toy, but I requested it un-dyed. It used to have a few more vine balls, but Lola has since torn them off trying to seek out the treats I sneak into them!

The green perch is a Safety Pumice Perch which also helps to keep her nails trim, and the toy on the far right is another cool side-mounted foraging toy from I Got a Woody. Lola loves to rummage through it for almonds or other goodies. Hanging in between it is another great Things for Wings toy. The only one that really gets soiled is the foraging platform, because of its width. Toys get rotated and changed weekly. I like to make sure to change where Igotawoody bird toys foraging opportunities are so that she has to keep guessing.

The fantastic foraging block might also make an appearance soon. Who knows what else? I asked them to design a custom toy for Lola— some sort of Christmas tree with a few parameters, but mostly I left the details up to their creative license. I absolutely love how it turned out! There may not be color, but I think it captures the spirit of the season quite Igotawoody bird toys. To create the shape of a Christmas tree, they used four carefully carved balsa chunks that mimic the boughs and branches of a real tree, and embedded little ornaments into the branches— cute little hardwood beads.

They make great foraging opportunities and always entice Lola. Beneath the tree are extra fun presents, in the form of chunky corks and hardwood beads. This toy came out perfectly.

Very nicely made enrichment. Hand...

It has two wicker baskets that hide lots Igotawoody bird toys treats within, like basswood, turned corks, natural cork bark, and more. I especially like to install foraging toys at lower levels of the cage, where Lola might not necessarily visit Igotawoody bird toys something to attract her there.

The possibility of a treat hiding in one of her baskets always does the trick. These garland toys are huge and packed with so many toy parts. The first one, Twigs and Berries, really has a ton: The next toy included a few custom twists, like larger vine balls which are also great for foraging!

The garland toys can be hung at both their ends, either side to side, up and down, diagonally, or even hanging from the ceiling like a swing. The last two toys are surefire hits. On the left Igotawoody bird toys the Isis. I made the mistake last time of only getting the small version, which Lola quickly turned into toothpicks in no time. So this time, we got the large. This one has huge jumbo corks and basswood triangles. The last addition to the order was one of the basswood platform perches.

The blog for crafty parrots...

We are so happy with this awesome order and are ready to get decorating! I "Igotawoody bird toys" that they have so many toys that encourage some form of foraging as well as so many different types of toys. They also serve a wonderful purpose in travel cages. I Got a Woody has recently started creating a lovely collection of side-mounted toys, and some of them even come with the option of stainless steel hardware, which is my favorite type of side-mounted toy as it is the most secure.

This toy has a whole bunch of arms loaded with fun parts, but the base is half of a wooden chunk with stainless steel hardware. Lola is absolutely nuts about these mahogany toy parts, but there are very few toys that incorporate them.

The second toy in the original picture above is another awesome side-mounted toy called the Tequila. This one is a perfect candidate for a travel cage, which is exactly where it will go. The Twisted Sister has tons of thin, chippable basswood slats that even have bark on them, and sandwiched between them are wonderful morsels of cork bark.

What bird could resist so much bark and chipping fun? I had to Igotawoody bird toys a close up of the Lucinda to show you how much is packed in there.

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