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Funny fake bios


She will be featured on Dr. She is currently being sued by all six of her ex-husbands who demand parts in the movie as their award. The Waistland is a corset of sonnets dealing with the tragic difficulty of being a size 14 in a world of "Funny fake bios." She currently lives with her wild emu, Walt, in the Northwest. At age 32, this will be her first award for poetry; however as a teenager she received a bronze certificate for her entry into the middle school song contest.

Inconsequently, she retired to her bathroom, and has not been seen in public since developing severe typophobia. Robert McDermott was intended to be the reincarnation of Robert Lowell but owing to a clerical error is actually the reincarnation of John Berryman.

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His poetry is quite remarkable and is easily the best on his ward. He is currently writing an opera about oranges and in his next life he wants to be a Shakespearean villain.

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Odoacer Pinkyring Moses de la Salle Cuthbert-Jones is that weird guy who lives in the van parked across the street from your house. He is allergic to everything, especially air and water.

His most recent book, the title of which is unpronounceable in any human language, spent 30 seconds at the top of the best seller list in the Autonomous Republic of Erewhon. One day he will destroy you all.

Shaindel Beers, the once promising young poet, has decided after reading many literary journals, including this one, that mediocrity is the way to go. Obviously no one was brilliant enough to understand her allusions to the classical mythologies of ancient civilizations, her personal theories of metaphysics, or her unique insight into Funny fake bios human condition.

Instead, journals have elected to publish her drunken scrawlings written on napkins at dive bars, which she then drunk types when she comes home alone from happy hours at various establishments.

The other nights, little writing gets done. All of these were great, but the first ever winner cracked me up—and got bonus points, because writers could actually submit a similar bio note without stretching the truth. Rosemary Nissen-Wade has given up entering both writing and athletic competitions so as to allow others to win, therefore was not featured in the recent Olympics nor in this spot…. This has made me laugh out loud and made my day.

Funny fake bios

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