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Fmm pictures


Thanks to everyone for contributing graphics and facepacks etc that make this game just simply awesome, with myself being a little OCD it was a painful experience previously playing this game as a premier league club Fmm pictures any logos etc.

However my OCD has now found another minor little thing i want to fix ;- "Fmm pictures" am wondering if anyone can help me? I have recreated my actually sunday league football team on the my club feature and its great to have added all my real players and myself in the team along with our home and away team colours etc. I actually have all my players pics as we have to register our players on a league website, I also have the team logo, which I'm guessing i need to Fmm pictures etc.

Does anyone know how I can get this into the game? First off, welcome to the site.

I Fmm pictures think you can add player photos unfortunately. As the new players created wouldn't have a playerID. I could be mistaken, though. This post has been promoted to an article. Thanks guys that is awesome news, I will try this as soon as I get a chance, thanks for the replies Fmm pictures does anyone know if it is confirmed that we cant do player photos?

I actually have all my...

I would think that new created players must have a unique ID of some sort? I suppose i could try and use the existing players in the team i replace and somehow change there names and use there ID's to upload photos, does anyone think that is possible? Its a lot of work but as I said i have an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to football manager.

But I assume if you edit the current players and change Fmm pictures photos it would work. If you need help finding a player's ID, you can use the Save Editor and a save.

As I'm pretty Fmm pictures the pictureID's are the same from the player's I've tested, anyways.

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Great Stuff, cheers aykyle, ill let you know how i get Fmm pictures, ill start with Fmm pictures logo then tinker with the players photos to see if i can get it working. I was wondering if someone would make me one if it isn't too much hassle. I just need the Converse All-Star logo re-sizing please.

FMM pictures on Millions...

Only just decided my team name haha. It does work on the iphone right? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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