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American beauty analysis homosexuality


Alan Ball, who wrote the story, said the following about the main theme of the movie:. Creative Screenwriting Magazine Los Angeles: Creative Screenwriters Group 7 1: His situation can be summarized as follows: Frank Fitts resents and hates what he actually desires. When he thinks that his son Ricky is in a gay relationship with his neighbor Lester Burnham, he threatens to throw him out of the house and to banish him forever.

Frank Fitts constantly justifies his acts of terror by making his victims responsible for the violence they have to American beauty analysis homosexuality. Frank Fitts is willing to do anything to protect his socially mediated self- image.

Finally, he reveals himself as a homosexual to his neighbor Lester Burnham, whom he wrongfully considers gay.

Frank tries to kiss Lester, but Lester turns him down. Afraid of what might happen, Frank ends up murdering Lester in order to prevent the loss of his so-called acceptable self- image.

Noah's Lesbian, Gay, and Queer...

In other words, the sacrifice of Lester — in no ways responsible for what happened to Frank, hence a scapegoat — seems necessary for Frank to fulfill his desire for recognition. In still other words, eros — a mimetically ignited love for some image or social status — leads to thanatos death to put an end to some identity crisis.

This seems to have been my downfall in seminary and monastery. Not that I flaunted my sexuality but that I was obviously comfortable with it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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