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Where can i find a midget


As soon as the word came out of her mouth, Where can i find a midget stung. I was so surprised she had used that word to describe me! We had been friends for so long. Did she not accept me? Why would she view me like that? When the emotional rant in my head subsided, I realized she had kept on telling her story without skipping a beat. She had no idea what she said was offensive. Strangers have called me a midget before, but I realized at that moment many loving and well-meaning people out of lack of understanding or ignorance struggle to address differences in people.

It has come to be used as a derogatory term to label and demean a population of people who are simply small. I am not my label. To call me a midget puts a label on me that denigrates my individual nature.

I thought you meant that...

When talking about someone who is different from you, choose words that recognize and empower the individual instead of derogatory words that degrade or shame. But midget is fairly universally viewed as a negative label. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my perspective. The Mighty is asking the following: Find this story helpful?


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You can also browse from over health conditions. Log In Join Us. I had no idea how to respond. Sign up to volunteer Useful ideas for planning Collect contributions. Kate Braun is the author of kateandbraun.

She and her husband are newlyweds living in Charlotte, North Carolina, with their new puppy, Louie. Kate shares the beauty in the joys and struggles of Where can i find a midget with a disability. I have been a little person since birth and will be a little person for the remainder of my life. Share or Copy Link. As usual, I perused all of the domestic and imported cheeses while my husband scrolled through Facebook blissfully unaware of the supermarket experience.

As we made our way to the frozen foods aisle, searching for puff pastry [ The details of that significant moment have been engraved in my memory. It was a moonless night and I was alone with my mind.

On this particular day, Whole Foods won the lottery as the place I happened to be when my candle, burning at both ends, nearly went out. It was one of those moments when my dwarfism became a source of indifference rather than a source of compassion.

A crazy, back-talking, punch-face-playing, dance-off-competing Where can i find a midget. I like that about a small gym.

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He leans to the left as I sneak a kiss on his cheek. He smiles and leans back. I pucker again, and he leans toward me for another kiss.

I oblige and am rewarded with another brilliant smile. I found out having a son yes, I had a boy instead of a [ I was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, and learned at a very young age our society has a hidden, yet very specific set of standards outlining what or who is viewed as desirable, attractive and valid. Want the best Mighty stories emailed to you? There was a problem with the address entered. Please enter a valid email address.

I am normal sized but think midgets are sexy. Source(s): Sexy Female Midget Try a few dwarf websites and i'm sure ul meet someone there. I'll use one little person I know well as an example here.