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Pisces woman and gemini man sexually compatible


Gemini men and Pisces women make intriguing pairs as there is often a heated clash of personalities and moods between the two.

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Gemini born individuals are often inconstant and such sudden mood swing works as an antithesis to sensitive feelings of Pisceans. Both Gemini men and Pisces women are intellectuals and possess a strong understanding of each other. Yet, it is interpersonal unpredictability that best characterizes their bond.

The jokes and mockery of Gemini may come across as insensitive and uncalled for in the mind of a Piscean.

Gemini and Pisces don't exactly...

Pisces woman and gemini man sexually compatible is one union that is difficult to sustain for a long period of time; stable influences and only compromises can make it stay strong. Compatibility is not very high for Gemini men and Piscean women unless they put in a good deal of effort into their relationships. Piscean women are characterized by the charm, gentleness, dreaminess, spiritual affiliations and easy going nature of their sign.

They are sensitive lovers who usually look for a spiritual and philosophical aspect to the relationship with their lovers. These imaginative and perceptive women are highly attractive to most individuals they come across but compatible with only a select few.

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