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Funny bisexual statuses


How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know. COM belikebro sarcasm meme Follow be.

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Ok but who came up with that? Nailing jello to a tree You can't forgive yourself. Follow 9gag to have a great time during summer. Bisexuality is totally awesome when you stumble upon it in nature. I mean, look at this pure bismuth crystal. Check out our heathenwear shop! Best Friend, Facebook, and Memes: But the best comment was from his best friend: Best Friend, "Funny bisexual statuses," and Facebook: Best Friend, Facebook, and Funny: But the best comment was from his best friend "Where did you go in Uber bro, party was in your house" This goes down in history https: But the best comment was from his best friend "Where did you go in Uber bro, party was in vour house.

Best Friend, Facebook, and Party: Where did you go in Uber bro, party was in your house. Facebook, Memes, and Physics: I changed my Facebook status to, "It's complicated Quantum physics is complicated. Funny bisexual statuses, Chicago, and Facebook: The progress we make today will change the lives of women for generations to come.

Funny bisexual statuses, Facebook, and Fuck: Be Like, Facebook, and Meme: If you want to cry, use a tissue Not your Facebook Status! Facebook, Memes, and Tree: Omishasassbutt my mom just came to me and ranted about how everyone is making this facebook status that says, "raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree" she was so baffled by this because she said, "you were pretty easy to raise as teenagers.

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Dad, Facebook, and Champagne: The moment you read your Facebook status in You can't forgive yourself. Facebook, Memes, and Text: Facebook, Internet, and Lgbt: Probably my favourite crystal structure, even if you forget the color.

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And you can't forget this totally bisexual color! Surprisingly, bismuth is also super-not-toxic.

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Don't be surprised if it will turn you bi though. Bored, Britney Spears, and Facebook: Facebook, Memes, and Black: L now Pronounce you husband and wife You may update your Facebook status! College, Facebook, and Memes: Facebook, Memes, and Cool: Facebook, Internet, and Memes: When I die, please change my Facebook status to,"It's not as Funny bisexual statuses as I thought it would be". Facebook, Memes, and Parents: Trevor S atrevso electric Just once, I'd like to see an honest Facebook status, like "happy birthday to my average- looking, sort-of friend, Amanda!

Funny, Meme, and MySpace: Mo wad Maaouad Depression in social media years: Sad AIM away messages Sad MySpace profile songs Sad Facebook statuses Memes Working theory of mine.

If you "Funny bisexual statuses" cry, use a tissue paper Not a facebook status. Paper, Usings, and Use: If you wanna cry, use a tissue Not a Facebook status.

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