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Consistently reasonable person sexual harassment


Please contact customerservices lexology. Well, this is warm-and-fuzzy week. Moving on to the parts of the proposed guidance that I. Comments on the proposed guidance are being accepted until February 9.

Please do let the EEOC know what you think. For example, if the alleged victim is African-American and claiming racial harassment, one should try to view the behavior from the point of view of a reasonable African-American employee, not a reasonable Caucasian employee.

Therefore, the judge throws out this ridiculous lawsuit. If, for example, a mostly-male workplace is full of nudie calendars and obscene talk, a female employee may have a valid harassment claim — assuming she is offended, and she probably is.

Behavior that occurs away from the workplace may result in employer liability. If the employer knows or should know that this type of behavior is occurring, the employer should take appropriate action against the harasser, just as if it had occurred in the workplace.

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Harassing behavior by the CEO is 1, times worse than the same behavior by a co-worker. Watch out for lead people. That means lead persons need to know what to do — to either take the complaint immediately to the supervisor, or go directly to HR. In my experience, the best companies include lead people in their management harassment training, or they give them a separate session that covers the identical subject matter.

A dirty joke should not be dealt with as severely as a sexual assault.