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The icons on the map are hyperlinks to other Australian subreddits. Check out our subreddit features wiki! I mean Aussie personals was precident behind this. It's not like it was a willy nilly decision. There were cases brought foward that sex trafficking was essentially being enabled by sites like this, although I beleive the precident was set by a site Aussie personals Backpage. Now, it was heavy handed of them to curb this entirely.

There were completely valid reasons for sex workers to use these sites that weren't trafficking related but it isn't anything to do with the what was pointed out here as being "Americans telling everyone what they Aussie personals and can't do in the privacy of their own space". Women and children were definitely being abducted and sold and ads were put up on Craigslist and the aforementioned Backpage, and this was put foward to prevent it. It's short sighted and shit, but the idea behind it is exclusively to protect women and Aussie personals form traffickers.

So, there is defintiely an issue. The flip side of Aussie personals is that you're hurting sex workers who voluntarily make a living like this. Alternatives are sparse and I tihnk the latest figures show that since this has been put into place, the incidents of violence towards sex Aussie personals has increased as the Internet provided a way to put an arms length between johns and the men and women who service them.

Also sex traffickers aren't exactly the sort of people that will be dissuaded from their activities and in the cases of children the people paying for them aren't exactly the sort of people that will be dissuaded from their activities either.

What this law does is not help the issue, but hides it, makes the men and women who were using this to make a living more vulnerable, and the people using this legitimately for casual hookups and fun are left in the lurch.

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It's the sexual equivilant of Piracy Aussie personals, annoys the people using it with good but naughty intentions, Aussie personals does absolutely nothing to the people actually committing crimes, in fact it makes it harder for them to find and stop. It's pretty twisted if you think about it. I can't see why the Australian site needs to fall into line with the tyrannical new US legislation. It's not legally applicable here, so why impose the same restrictions?

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The sites have no one but themselves to blame. They turned a blind eye to people posting ads for literally children sex slaves. If they had "Aussie personals" better at self regulating it would never have got to this. They shit themselves over the new US legislation which holds the web site operators responsible for all content, rather than the poster of said Aussie personals. Supposedly, this is to stop slavery and sex trafficking.

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