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Pansexualism vs bisexualism


So, I was in an Pansexualism vs bisexualism recently about the definition of bisexuality standard disclaimer: I would argue that bisexuality is attraction to two genders any two genders! The major problem I have with this is twofold. More importantly, using that definition seems to me to screw up a host of other sexualities and gender identities.

Anyone pangender is then, by definition, not bisexual. Anyone without a gender is also not bisexual. Indeed a Pansexualism vs bisexualism sexual can only ever be heterosexual which just seems very wrong. Cisgendered skoliosexuals are therefore also classified as straight being attracted only to other genderswhich removes them not only from LGBT, but from GSRM entirely.

Meanwhile, someone who was attracted specifically to those without a gender, would presumably be classified as asexual, not being attracted to any gender. Meanwhile, people who are only attracted to two genders are unable to distinguish themselves from those attracted to more than two, and those who identify as pan- or polysexual are effectively dismissed.

The term is more widely recognised, and people can identify however feels right for them.

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