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Fake looking breast implants


This is the time of year women line up to get breast augmentations in order to look great for beach season or… to restore a more youthful look lost while aging, or to get back a pre baby body…and for many other reasons.

One common concern always prevails and that is the desire for the most natural looking results possible. Board Certification and specialized procedural Fake looking breast implants helps to avoid these sad situations.

IMPLANT LINGO Avoiding a “fake”...

But they all want this one thing: There are 10 giveaways that tip people off to real vs fake breasts. But I have patients waiting for their personal consultations. Are you Beach Body Ready? The initial consultation with your surgeon is critical!

It is during the consultation that your surgeon comes to fully understand your concerns, evaluates them correctly, and is then able to make the recommendations and develop the treatment plan that is right for you. Pinell invest the time to sit down and talk to you face to face. SHAPE…implants come in round or teardrop shapes. Round implants create more cleavage and fullness, while teardrop or stable form implants are shaped like natural breasts and they slope downward.

Wider chests Fake looking breast implants minimal projection while moderate projection is best suited to narrow bodies and maximum projection offers the most fullness. A natural look, using implants, may involve compromise on size. Too much volume has different effects on different people. Breasts are too close together. Natural breasts have a normal space between them. Breasts sit too high on the chest.

The top of the breast should start at the armpit.

Lack of Muscle Coverage

If they sit higher than this…they are probably fake. High profile implants have a more pronounced look than their moderate counterparts or low profile implants. Breasts are too round…are a dead giveaway! Breasts should more resemble pears than round watermelons.

Implant to Breast Tissue Ratio

NO natural slope…are a sign of large, round implants. Natural breasts always slope downward.

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