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Hook up speakers without receiver


I am curious about getting a cheap 5. My TV has plenty of inputs, and I don't really see the need for an extra box taking up space and electricity and adding to cable clutter. However, the only audio output my TV has is a digital optical output. Thanks for any suggestions.

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You might not see a need for a receiver, but you still probably need one. What type of sources do you feed to your tv i. Do you want Dolby Digital 5.

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Look for a "soundbar". Most have an optical input.

Poor substitute for an actual 5. I don't really think I need a receiver. As Bolero said, you may not think you need one, but if you want any sort of decent sound, you need a receiver, and some decent speakers to go with it. Hook up speakers without receiver, it turns out I don't even need a 5. But if netflix gets their shit together, then I'll be doing that and gaming and the occassional dvd on xbox over hdmi, gaming on wii over component cables obviously only stereoand hdtv ota.

I would probably want dolby digital or dts more than prologic. Many TVs, even those with optical digital outs, only send 2. I don't know or understand why they're set up this way, but they are.

So you may need a receiver even if you think you don't.

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I think most of your power consumption will be driving the speakers anyway, so it's not like not having a receiver will save you lots of electricity. I've been seeing a lot of 5. In those situations, it only forwards a stereo signal to the optical out. It might be that an HDMI connection can transmit the higher bitrate DD and DTS signals that optical or digital coax connections cannot carry and they don't want to include the downmixing hardware in the TV to accomplish it.

If you are content with Dolby ProLogic output, you could probably get away with a 5. I don't recommend it, but you could get away with that.

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If you don't want to spend a lot of money, I suggest buying a second-hand Home-Theater-In a-Box systems that Coleman recommended. If you do go that route, you can buy the speakers piecemeal and start out with just two speakers, that way you could get something with a bit higher quality.

Yup, that and the ever popular 'digital rights management' arguments. As if it really mattered. HDMI Hook up speakers without receiver isn't always or even usually? That seems like it would be easy to forward.

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