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Adriano de souza wife sexual dysfunction


The last time you lied?


At the airport when I was trying to get home. I fed her some story about my family already going through. I always lie about how many boards I have as well.

The thing you are most ashamed of? The last time when I was at Pipe it was super crowded. It was crazy with one hundred guys in the same spot. I just broke up with my girlfriend. I started around 4pm by myself. I went to the beach with 12 beers and then drank a whole bottle of rum.

It was definitely a big night, but I needed it.

I was in a bad place. I was in a heat with a Brazilian friend. He was in third and I was leading but I burned him. I was going to win anyway but he could have come second.

of false profiles in the...

Have you ever stolen anything? I was just at the airport and I stole the pen from the lady I was lying too. I just forgot to give it back. I feel really bad but she deserves it for charging me for my boards. What was your most horrific sexual performance? It was my first time when I was fifteen. She was really fat and ugly. Then I saw her at the last minute when the club was about to close.

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