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Asexual fun facts


These days, more and more people feel the freedom to express their sexuality. However, one form of sexual expression has been widely overlooked: What exactly is asexuality?

Maybe sex isn't as important...

In basic terms, asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, but there are different types of asexuals. Asexual individuals can be male, female, transgender, cisgender, intersex, gay, straight, bisexual, polyamorous — any and every identifier that can be applied to a sexual individual can also be applied to someone who identifies as asexual. The only difference between being sexual and being asexual is simply that asexual people do not feel the urge to have Asexual fun facts.

This can be confusing to people who feel that urge — they have difficulties imagining being without it. Here are some lesser known facts about asexuality. The single most common misconception about asexuality is that asexual people do not fall in love or enjoy romantic intimacy. In fact, many asexual people seek out and thrive in long-term romantic relationships. Sexual relationships can exist without love, so it stands to reason that loving, romantic relationships can exist "Asexual fun facts" sex.

Because asexuality is the absence of attraction and not necessarily the absence of feeling sexual pleasure, asexual individuals can still feel that pleasure.

When it comes down to it, sex is about the stimulation of a bundle of nerves, and the entire purpose of that is to feel good! Being able to feel sexual pleasure, being attracted to someone and wanting to have sex are Asexual fun facts separate things. Celibacy or abstinence is the choice to refrain from sexual activity, despite the desire to do so.