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State of the arts from bezalel to mapplethorpe


We cannot escape the arts. The imagination of this age, its ideas and concerns, percolate throughout the culture via the arts. These ideas affect us for good or for evil.

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The choice is not whether to live with art; we must choose whether to live with good art or bad art. Art--like all things human--needs to be redeemed. Christians cannot abandon the arts to the secular world, but can use them to display God's glory.

This book will help us develop an informed artistic taste, open yet critical, discerning yet appreciative of what is truly excellent. The book establishes a strong Biblical context for understanding expressions of human creativity and powerfully defends art as a gift from God.

Here is a much-needed counterattack on the aesthetic terrorism by entrenched enemies on the true, the good, and the beautiful. Veith's book stresses an important and often overlooked truth: They have profound effects on us, our children, and our society.

This book is both highly entertaining and intellectually and aesthetically rewarding. It suggests ways to counter the decadence and corruption that plagues the contemporary art world.

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My personal library functions as a lending library of sorts. Even though I haven't read State of the Arts, a friend who did state that the introduction alone was worth the book.

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