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Tumblr smoking hot wives


Throughout their marriage, Lauren was never really that adventurous. So it took her husband Mike by surprise when, during a vacation, she suggested they head to a particular beach. She was still a little embarrassed, even with her husband. Lauren had never even told her husband about how she had gone skinny dipping in college. She often fantasized about that, and now that they were far from home on vacation, she felt emboldened to try it again. She longed to feel nothing but the water on her naked skin.

He was secretly hoping his wife was at least going to go topless. Tumblr smoking hot wives thought of other men seeing his wife naked stirred something inside of him. He Tumblr smoking hot wives almost disappointed when his wife put on a bikini and a sarong for the short car ride to the beach. When they got to the secluded beach, Mike found himself disappointed that it was empty. She quickly laid out a towel and started undoing her bikini. He watched his wife skip happily into the water.

Lauren had been in the water a short while when Mike heard voices from behind the privacy hedge. The couple were about the same age as Mike and Lauren. Tumblr smoking hot wives

smoking-babes: “No Bra ”. smoking-babes....

The man was a lot taller and was in great shape. His wife or girlfriend was a cute, petite Asian girl with large, soft breasts. Mike looked over in time to see the man take off his shorts and his massive, thick cock pop free.

He kept his distance from Lauren, who was blissfully ignorant of anything around her. After a short while, Mike looked "Tumblr smoking hot wives" at the woman and smiled hello. She had kept her bikini on, as Mike had kept his shorts on. She introduced herself as Amelia. Mike introduced himself and explained said he was just learning that wife seemed to be the same. They started chatting for a bit, and both lost track of their spouses.

Suddenly, Lauren was standing beside Mike, dripping Tumblr smoking hot wives the towel. Pete was just coming out of the water behind her. Neither Lauren nor Pete made any attempt to cover up as they air dried in the sun and kept the conversation going.

Lauren asked if Amelia was going to swim. Mike and Amelia went back to chatting. After a while, Amelia changed the subject slightly. Mike looked behind him and saw what Amelia was looking at. Lauren and Pete were out of the water, standing right beside each other. Her left hand was exploring his rock hard abs.

He and his wife had never talked about sex outside of their marriage, much less cuckolding or an open marriage. Before long, Pete was on his knees and Lauren face down, arching her back as Pete aimed his massive, hard cock for her tiny, near virgin pussy. Mike heard the squishing sound behind him. He turned back to see Amelia furiously rubbing her clit and grabbing her own, large, soft tits. Unable to bear it any longer, Mike took out his own cock and began jerking off. Amelia and Mike watched their spouses fuck all afternoon, each masturbating openly as needed.

Mike continued to pretend as if this was a common occurrence for them. As the sun began to set, Amelia asked a favor. Any chance you could let me ride your cock?

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