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Ghost of flight 401 ernest borgnine 1978


An aircraft crashes in the Florida Everglades, killing passengers.

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After the wreckage is removed, salvageable parts from the plane are used to repair other aircraft. Soon passengers and crew on those aircraft report seeing what they believe to be the ghost of the wrecked airplane's flight engineer.

This movie stars Ernest Borgnine as Captain Sully Sullenberger, the Hero of the Hudson who saved the lives of passengers, except in this movie he dunks his plane in the Everglades killing everyone including himself. In clear violation of OSHA standards, they use some salvaged parts from the crash as replacements in newer aircraft, which obviously leads to the ghost of Borgnine haunting them like so many Dirty Dozen sequels.

In the end the crew gets together to perform a seance to purge the ghost of Borgnine from their thoughts, much as I have done, however unlike me, they were successful.

An airline commits the fairly clear safety violation of using parts from a crashed plane as spares for their fleet, causing a supernatural panic as the ghost of Erneat Borgnine keeps showing up in the reflection of a microwave. Review by M Kitchell 1.

Anyway, in I participated in an art show in Berlin curated by my friend, the artist D-L Alvarez ostensibly "based" on this film. The show was called Psychometry -- you can find more about the show at this link.

Initially planning to write a short work of fiction for the show, I instead ended up appropriating footage and turning it into a video art piece called I Never Knew Doctors Cried. You can watch my video here: The airline uses the undamaged parts from in other airplanes.

The Ghost of Flight (TV...

Shortly afterward, crew members report sightings of captain Dom Cimoli Borgninewho died in the crash, leaving a wife Rossen …. I honestly have no idea. At first this is an Airport -style drama that later becomes the lamest episode of Unsolved Mysteries you've never seen. Every bit of it is woefully dull. Much of the second half is just expository dialogue clumsily explaining paranormal events surrounding the plane crash. An early performance by Kim Basinger is notable.

The supposedly true story of an actual airline disaster that posits Ernest Borgnine's ghost is haunting other airplanes made from the scraps of the flight he was killed on. But he's no spooky ghost, no. He's a ghost on a mission.

To keep other planes from crashing Most of the movie is pretty much what you'd expect.

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It's all people debating whether or not it's actually happening, discussing ghosts and the afterlife, and spouting monologues about how happy they are feeling like their deceased loved ones are nearby. Later, it gets into the nitty gritty mumbo jumbo about cosmic energy and how souls work. Then the movie simply ends, dropping every plotline flimsy as they were it had going.

Not scary in the slightest and super boring.

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This flight is DOA. Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate. It's been a while since I checked on this list, and I'm happy to see that a lot…. Every miniseries, made-for-television movie, special, or documentary ever nominated for an Emmy Award in any category.

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