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Define trial marriage


What is the history behind this word some may ask?

It is a word with a diverse history, but the same meaning in many cultures. This word is not used much in our culture because it references arranged marriages, which are common in other cultures. The manner in which the people in our society mingle and elope differs greatly from other cultures. In most of these cultures, parents of a girl will accept the suitor who offers the most for their daughter.

Once the suitor is chosen, the daughter will not be allowed to talk to any other suitors. Along with this, the chosen suitor may be allowed to follow her, but he may neither enter her door nor speak to her until they are married. The rules before marriage vary greatly among different cultures. In "Define trial marriage," there is a professional intermediary who negotiates betrothals.

He ensures there is no communication between thebetrothed until marriage presents have been received. Define trial marriage are other cultures, however, that like the betrothed, have a pre-matrimonial relationship with one goal in — to become more acquainted. In Scotland, there is a tradition that I am extremely in favor Define trial marriage In a trial marriage, men and women agree to live with each other for a year and at the end of this, they decide if they want to get married or part ways.

In our society today, we take a different approach. We have surpassed all of these traditions and rules that are placed on people in other cultures. Some of these traditions we may even scorn or revile. In American culture, two people are allowed to communicate before marriage, and even venture unsupervised. With each passing day, we are obliterating and ridding ourselves of these restrictions, and concerning ourselves more with what we want than with what our guardians want.

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