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Asexual flag emoji


More LGBT discord emotes! I decided to include the ace and aro flags this time around since a lot of people seemed to want them last time.

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Free to use if anyone wants to! Producers and who ever is in charge of putting out movies needs to understand that if they made better movies and ones that also involved lgbt members and couples Asexual flag emoji having it be sexual and targeted more towards straight men who think lesbians doing stuff is hot that they would make a lot of money.

You know what we need? All of the pride flags as emojis.

We have the gay pride flag but I want the trans flag, the bi flag, the pan flag, the ace flag, the non-binary flag.

I want to see all of Asexual flag emoji flags for all of the "Asexual flag emoji" people in this world. I may make a part 2 or expand this pack if I get enough requests, just be aware that I start college again next week so I may have less time to get round to it quickly. The emojis pictured are the starting emojis, any more added will be put on the list in the submission description. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

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