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Those darned heterosexuals hatman and robin


The affair is interrupted when the lights go out. After a fantastic, action-packed chase, Batman and Robin capture Lord Death Man and bring him to court where Lord Death Man scoffs at the idea that anyone could execute him, then collapses onto the courtroom floor, dead.

A Jamaican vacation with Dick Grayson. But even on the beach, they cannot escape Lord Death Man. A radio interrupts what I can only assume is some excellent s Japanese group sounds with the news that Lord Death Man has risen from the grave and murdered someone.

Jimmy Olsen provides examples of...

This jet-setting Bruce Wayne will take a trip to Jamaica to get his mind off his problems. These stories are sort of s Jet Age tech-focused updates of older pulp serials, where gangsters rub shoulders with robed figures in dark subterranean lairs, plotting schemes and transmitting doom via wireless.

Why wear a robe or a skeleton suit while wielding an automatic weapon?

Captain Falcon, the de facto...

Why not something more practical? And one thing Lord Death Man shares with his super-criminal colleagues mentioned above is a passion for skeleton suits.

His take is a restrained one—a skull mask, black and white bone suit daringly paired with brown gloves, belt and knee-high boots.

Further, Lord Death Man not only uses his henchmen to ambush Batman and Robin, but to feature himself to best effect. I wish that there were more stories this vital and imaginative.

People who want a more fun comic experience are sometimes accused of nostalgia, but comics have been dark and gritty for a long time now.

I suspect the nostalgia driving the industry is one for that first reading of The Dark Knight. Did I mention that it is pretty and worth-reading?

But if Bat-Manga sacrifices some practicality to style as a supervillain sympathizer, I, well, sympathize. If you want to see more Lord Death Man, check out the Batman: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. November 1, 0. October 4, 7. September 6, 5.

NefariousDrO on November 13, Carol Borden on November 14, 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The Superman and Batman movies in particular, but also the first X-Men movie, treated the common, as were kidnapped-Lois-or-Jimmy-or-Robin stories. of heterosexuality, or heterosexuality at the expense of monogamy. . roughly 2% of the population, the margin of error is pretty darned hefty there.

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