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Hilarious tinder profiles


Whether you just installed it for a few hours to see what all the hype is about or whether your roommates have staged multiple interventions to talk about your Tinder addiction, you must have come across a profile that has made you LOL.

"Hilarious tinder profiles" people take to photoshop and others take to natural beauty, but all these Tinder profiles lead to hilarity. Take a look at this list of 15 Tinder profiles that are sure to give you your daily dose of funny! Who doesn't love the extra terrestrial who most of us grew up alongside?

Some of us a little more than others, like this guy. I Hilarious tinder profiles all of your future wedding photos would involve E. OK, I've already gone too far with this E. Someone butter stop me before I go too far. It seems like inspiration struck this Tinder user to make a profile for a stick of butter I'm guessing that's how it all went down.

Runt's gallery of thirty-three pictures...

He also made an effort to show the many sides of butter, spread on toast, cut up on a plate, and taking long walks on the beach.

You know, the usual things a stick of butter does in life. What would the goal in life be for a stick of butter? Probably to end up in a red velvet cake or in a batch of fresh Hilarious tinder profiles chip cookie batter SMH, now I'm just making myself hungry.

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Everyone knows that if you own a dog or cat and post pictures of them on your Tinder profile, you are already well on your way to getting those super-likes. Being a serious pug-lover, I am well-aware that most of the time, they have a permanent concerned look plastered on their face. Either that or they have their mouth wide open gasping for air, but still remain so darn cute!

That being said, this dog looks a tad overly concerned for his owner. Probably thinking something along the lines of, "Dude, are you sure this is gonna help us get swiped right? I'm imagining a first date with this guy to start off something like this, "Hey baby girl, I just saved the world and still managed to be on time for our first date.

Everybody knows that cool guys don't look at explosions. When it comes to not looking at explosions, this guy definitely has that down, giving him the cool factor. This all seems too good to be true! If Hilarious tinder profiles Tinder award existed for best profile, it would have this guy's name all over it. Who doesn't love abs, puppies, and "Hilarious tinder profiles" These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect profile that is sure to get all those swipes in the right direction.

He didn't think twice before risking his life to save all the puppies and kittens. Looks like the perfect guy does exist, and you can "Hilarious tinder profiles" him on Tinder. Glen delivering us some majestic realness. OK Glen, we see you! He has included a fabulous front and side shot of himself, the galaxy as his background and even added a magical unicorn for our enjoyment.

The unicorn alone brings him up to an additional points.

What more could you need to include in a Tinder profile? He probably thought with the latest galaxy-themed everything Hilarious tinder profiles anything trend, he should create a galaxy-themed profile. Well, he wasn't wrong. Even for those who aren't feeling the majestic vibes can at least get a laugh out of "Hilarious tinder profiles" guy's creative genius.

Stay majestic and wait for those swipes to the right to come pouring in. I am sure that most of you have come across the weirder side of Tinder on your swiping journeys. This profile would definitely go on the list of stranger things. Let us attempt to break down all the things that are happening here We can all agree that this horse is working the camera and giving us serious fierceness. All this fabulous weirdness is topped off with a bio that fulfills all your pun-loving needs.

She is a natural barn pun-maker. Fine, I'll stop foaling around. At this point, I'm not even curious as to why she has three chicks on her chest because it ties in so well with her straight-to-the-point Tinder profile.

Aside from Hilarious tinder profiles, "The Asian for any occasion. Oh, and probably a quick dinner and nap in between. The moral of this Tinder profile is that we should all strive to Hilarious tinder profiles a little more like Janey. If laying it all out on Tinder doesn't get you those right swipes then humour definitely will. What is going on here?

Just a lonely taco duck man looking for someone to bring to family events. What's impressive here is that he has three Tamagotchi's.

There's a fine line between...

Do you remember how hard it was to take care of a Tamagotchi? If you left them to head to the kitchen for a snack, they would usually be dead by the time you got Hilarious tinder profiles. This guy has a lot of potential and he's hilarious.

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