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Long distance hookup relationships among college students


A place to learn what you like and what rubs you the wrong way. A place to sample different cultures, academic interests, career options, activities … and dating preferences. Especially here at UCSB, there is a very prominent hookup culture. I started dating my boyfriend my sophomore year of high school. As he was a senior and I was a sophomore when we got together I was pretty much the coolest sophomore on the blockhe graduated and left me in the world of high school for two years.

We learned to enjoy living lives apart from each other. We had to make some adjustments.

It was being one of the only people in my social circle in a relationship. Everyone seems to say something along the same lines: But for most people, I think long-distance seems like a waste of time. To drag out a relationship just to feel comfortable and loved is definitely an unnecessary and selfish use of time and energy. College is a time of experimentation and self-discovery.

Personally, I thrive in my relationship. He pushes me to try new things. He helps me to grow and change for the better. We share new experiences, we question things and we help each other through whatever bullshit life can throw at us.

Making Long Distance Relationships In...

We call each other out when it needs to be done. Today, somebody told me that my boyfriend and I are cute together. A few months ago, I would have brushed it off. Today, it was one of the most meaningful things I could have heard. People have told me long-distance relationships never actually last.

Very few people — even my closest friends — have expressed any kind of support for my relationship. It feels Long distance hookup relationships among college students to be taken seriously. It feels good to still be seen as independent and fun and exciting. Every man and woman on this campus deserves those things, regardless of relationship status.

I applaud all of my fellow students who are counting down the days until they get to see their lovers again, hold their hands, feel their warmth, experience that comfort and familiarity that nobody else can offer. You can do it.

Being in a long distance relationship is not within the same realm as being gay or a person of color. Yeah, I was also a bit put off by that, even as someone who experienced similar things with a long distance relationship.

Thank you for writing this. I hope that many of the non-supportive folks here read this and appreciate the independence and self-discovery that comes with a Long distance hookup relationships among college students relationship. I was in the same position, dated for three years starting sophmore year of high school with a high school senior but I broke it off before coming to UCSB.

I admire you for staying strong! WednesdayNovember 21 November 30, at 1: Yes, that was an ignorant and inappropriate comparison. Messy that they published that line.

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