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What does vibing with someone mean


In the community, we often refer to sub-communications or sub-coms. These are the signals which are projected by your body language, your mannerisms, the tone of your voice, the way you speak, and the the underlying meaning of the things you say.

These are in your self-expression; i. In future revisions, we'll go into deeper analysis of these two mediums. This area shows the greatest potential for new insight from analysis. Potential future reference on sub-communications: Ross Jeffries defines four types of vibe deemed to be attractive to women.

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Through a cognitive process involving mirror neurons, your emotional state is affected by the vibe of other people, so your judgment of them is both emotional and informational. In a group of three people--Abby, Ashely, and Jim, each person has a perception of the other two, which is unique unto him or her self. Abby and Ashley will both perceive Jim at the same time, however their perceptions will always be different, since every person experiences reality differently.

So therefore, Abby and Ashley may have What does vibing with someone mean similar or very different judgments of Jim. Thus, the important skill in perception, is the accuracy of your interpretation. Every Man is a Bar Graph. According to the Cambridge Dictionaries online: The first useful explanation of vibing comes from Tyler Durdan, and the theory offered here follows from his work. To say that two people are vibing, is to say that they enjoy each other's company and converse easily.

The popular usage of the word varies slightly from how it is used in dating science. In dating science, there has not yet been a widely accepted definition for vibing, so to many people, it means completely different things. Let's first define, in specific, measurable terms, what vibing is.

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