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Sfiv matchmaking

I know you think you...

Street Fighter V Butiksside. If i am Gold i do not want to fight super and ultra bronze jumping kids and win 5 to 10 points, but if they ever win Fix this garbage, the game is awesome, the way you do matchmaking is not. Viser 31 - 45 af 48 kommentarer. Oprindeligt skrevet af Sfiv matchmaking Oprindeligt skrevet af Conqueror Worm:.

BTW, don't tell to the...

If your heatmap show up on wrong map, very likely it will take forever to Sfiv matchmaking match. My main ISP was down so I use secondly ISP 4G mobile and take sooo forever to find match, I was baffle then I check on my heatmap and discovered wrong on the map that very far away from Sfiv matchmaking hometown.

However using wolfkrone as evidence to back up your point is kinda dumb cause everyone knows wolfkrone as a rage quitting drone pardon the Sfiv matchmaking phrase.

I wouldn't say it's the greatest, but I've seen far worse.

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