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Reasons why homosexual marriage is wrong


Ten Reasons Why...

Its primary purpose, objectively speaking, is the personal gratification of two individuals whose union is sterile by nature. It Violates Natural Law Marriage is not just any relationship between human beings. It Offends God This is the most important reason. That does not mean we should have the right to marry. He will always be deprived of either a mother or a father role model. Sign Protest View Petition.

Traditional marriage is usually so fecund that those who would frustrate its end must do violence to nature to prevent the birth of children by using contraception.

Reasons why homosexual marriage is wrong

2. It Violates...

SIGNS THAT A WOMAN IS GAY Sky News presenter Caroline Marcus had this to say in a...
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What is considered 3rd base sexually Calling something marriage does not make it marriage. Marriage has...
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LADY IN NYLONS COM In rallying in opposition to marriage reform, religious campaigners claim that their arguments are grounded in reason and common sense. PERISCOPE PEEPING ON A SUNBATHING MILF 132 Reasons why homosexual marriage is wrong Ottawa singles network Reasons why homosexual marriage is wrong

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31 arguments against gay marriage (and why they’re all wrong)

Need . Is she pissed off? Arguments against same sex marriage not supported by evidence. I was disappointed that they showed this clip because I had explained to the reporters that. Did you know that gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall?..

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The Dr. Phil Show - Same Sex Marriage: Right or Wrong?

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