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Who is ebony steele


Ebony Steele's epiphany came in fall She was a popular member of Birmingham's Steele moved to Dallas and went on the air that Who is ebony steele. A month later, she felt a lump in her breast.

A first and second opinion showed it was breast cancer. Steele went through four months of chemotherapy, flying back and forth between Dallas and Birmingham for treatment at UAB. Monday through Wednesday, she'd go to work; fly to Birmingham on Wednesday; do chemotherapy Wednesday afternoon; recuperate Thursday through Saturday; and fly back to Dallas on Sunday night.

Ebony Steele ended up working...

This fall, Steele and several African-American female radio hosts are featured in breast cancer awareness ads that identify them as "The Queens of Keeping it Real. Komen Foundation and its "Circle of Promise" pledge, which wants people to do whatever they can to help end breast cancer forever. It can happen to anybody.

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I don't have a family history. Should it just be Ebony? Should she have a last name? First, she went by just Ebony. Then, the cancer diagnosis showed her something else -- she had strength.

Ebony Steele ended up working...

She went with her mother's maiden name, Steele. The runway show starts at 7 p.

Proceeds will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Sisters Inspiring Sisters Through the Arts, a nonprofit group she and her sister, Bronze Lougheed, started to help send students to dance camp and fund college scholarships.

Lougheed operates the studios in Steele's absence. Steele, who said she is percent cancer free and has checkups every six months, said her future remains bright.

She is looking at opening a dance studio in Atlanta. Radio Facts named her one of its top 30 African-American women in media for And her show with Smiley is on dishnation.

Ebony Steele ended up working...

You have to plant that in your mind. For more information on Steele, go to www. For more info on the runway show, call Komen Foundation and is part of its ''The Queens of Keeping it Real,'' a group of African-American female radio Who is ebony steele promoting breast cancer awareness.

Ebony Steele's ex-husband called the show and talked about her ways and why they got a divorce. Hear what he had to say here!. The latest Tweets from Ebony Steele (@EbonySteele).

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